black and white outfits part 1
myungsoo as shiwoo 5 /

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oh……. my god

L O L for the rest of my life

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do you think woohyun calls inspirits his girlfriends because he thinks of himself as the ‘nam’ in ‘namjachingu’?

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💡🔆  pc: @miikella

pc: @miikella

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Agree about Toheart, I love both Woohyun and Key on their own but they kind of clash a bit as a subunit I think.. but who knows, maybe new songs will change my mind c:

musically, in my opinion, yes. they’re great on variety and radio shows because their personalities mesh well (and its kinda weird seeing nam as the more quiet one for once lol) i just think that its hard for them to please both infinite fans and shinee fans since the music styles they like are so different.

they kinda found a medium in delicious but i kinda feel like if anyone liked the album as a whole more it would be inspirits because sweetune produced it and it had that sweetune sound that inspirits know and like from infinite’s other albums.

but the two mvs were so different. like so different. the delicious mv that was released on the sm channel was so sm and the tell me why mv that was released on the woollim channel was so woollim. it was just hard to believe that those mvs were from the same artist. 

i do like that they get the chance to work together, but there is never going to be case where everyone is happy, especially since the fandoms music tastes are so different. 

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you know what sucks right now? being a sunggyu stan. like seriously he hasnt done anything. sungjong is mcing, hoya and soo are on my lovely girl, woohyun and sungyeol are on hi school love on, dongwoo just filmed law of the jungle, and then after this infinite h, infinite f, and toheart but still... where's sunggyu???? ok sorry bye i will leave now.

i know what you mean. a few days ago i was wondering if he was still alive because he’s been so mia. but on the plus side, at least he’s being spotted around the woollim building and he was just on twitter a few hours ago. and i’m kinda glad that he’s not really doing anything right now because i cant imagine how tired he must have been doing the that summer concert series while flying back and forth between korea and japan for his musical. i like to think he’s preparing a solo comeback right now or maybe doing another project that he’s trying to keep a secret. 

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Not to forget Infinite F's album, and Infinite H and Toheart working on new songs as well! tbh I complain about the lack of infinite too sometimes but that's because I miss them doing things as a group, they really do spoil us with other activities though :3

Omg I totally forgot about the infinite f album /face palm But true story about missing them doing activities together.

But to everyone who’s wondering if there are inspirits that are complaining, there aren’t any that are seriously whining. Kinda just more as a joke? I think just with the burst of group activities and updates this summer, now seems kinda like a lull even though they have solo activities.

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dongwoo, hoya and sungjong for high cut

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∞ Infinite's back, back again

∞ Infinite's back, back again

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  • inspirits: *whines about infinite not doing anything*
  • sungyeol: please watch me and woohyun's drama (almost) every friday!
  • myungsoo: watch my drama too on wednesdays and thursdays! hoya's also in it! and i updated our fancafe with a super cute selca of your fav ot7 ^^
  • sungjong: remember to watch me as an mc on idol super chart show!
  • dongwoo: surprise! im going to the jungle! kyakyakyakyakyakya
  • hoya: im also making my movie debut so look out for that!
  • woohyun: im singing an ost for a new drama !!
  • sunggyu: right now im just hanging out around the new building and coffee shop but im on twitter replying to fans and im doing paper work with ceo appa so i might be making a comeback!
  • infinite: and here! have an ost that's a completely different style from what we usually do!
  • inspirits:
  • infinite: :D
  • inspirits:
  • infinite: :D
  • inspirits: *whines about infinite not doing anything*

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Monster Time


monster time / infinite

fyeah-infinite: I think I’ve found a clearer version? not sure about that, just in case: herehere (it’s a youtube video, if you want the audio to download it, let me know)

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